Hi there! 👋 You must be new to the world of bubble tea and we understand the endless varieties of toppings and tea can be a little bit overwhelming. That’s okay, let us help you get started!
You’ve either never had bubble tea before, or you’re still in the process of discovering what your go-to bubble tea flavour is… let us set the stepping stones out for you! Here are some of our most popular flavours:

Original Milk Tea

Original Milk Tea

If you prefer something a little more creamy or a robust tea flavour we recommend starting off with the original milk tea! It’s the perfect blend of brewed tea, milk and tapioca pearls! It’s a sweet, milky beverage that you can have either hot or cold!


Brown Sugar Milk Tea

We recommend the brown sugar milk tea if you prefer roasted flavours perfectly intertwined with just the right amount of sweetness! Brown sugar milk tea is like the cool, ultra-rich auntie of the original milk tea (but with a hidden secret - it doesn’t actually have tea!). Typically, brown sugar milk tea is made by coating the pearls in a brown sugar syrup and then mixed with fresh milk to balance it out!


Fruit Teas

Ah yes, all about the refreshing tastes! Fruit teas are a good starting point if you’re someone that doesn’t get along with dairy (or you’re just up for something to freshen you up). 

Fruit teas are super exciting! They’re fresh fruit-based teas that go well with a variety of different toppings (we personally recommend jellies or popping pearls to go with your fruit teas and to stay away from ‘heavier’ toppings like custard which might take away that refreshing taste). Some popular flavours include mango, peach, lychee, green apple and passionfruit!



Already know your favourite flavour in-store? Then try making your own at home with our DIY Bubble Tea Kits, it’s time to level up! Here are some of our personal favourites:

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Already been making it at home? It’s time to try new adventurous flavour combinations! Did you know that there are 550 different types of combinations you can make with our kits? Start mixing two flavours or experimenting with the topping combinations!

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Here are some ideas our members have submitted that you could try out to spice things up a little, you'll need to join our Facebook group to view them:

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  • LIQUID LAMINGTON by Claire Bradley
  • MIX & MATCH by Talia Benavente
  • TROPICAL MILK TEA by Sandy Arnold


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