Must Try Milk Tea Bundle

All good things come in bundles... so we've bundled all our Must Try Milk Tea flavours together! 🎁🤩

We're bringing the best of 2021 into 2022, with our Must Try Milk Tea Bundle including all our top sellers: Brown Sugar, Original Milk Tea, Strawberry Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, and Honeydew Milk Tea. This bundle comes with FREE tapioca pearls as a new year treat! ✨😍

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Must Try Fruit Tea Bundle

Introduce your taste buds to something new this year with our Must Try Fruit Tea Bundle! 🍓🥭️🍑 This bundle features the delicious sweetness of our Peach, Lychee, Mango, Passionfruit, and Strawberry Fruit Tea! 🎁

This Must Try Fruit Tea Bundle features all of our top selling fruit teas, perfect for if you're a bubble tea first-timer or even if you're a bbt connoiseur ready to tackle ALL the greatest flavours. 🍓🍑🥭️

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Must Try Toppings

Pop it ✨, and enjoy a variety of toppings with our Must Try Toppings Bundle! 🤩 A fun and premium way to add excitement and creativity to your bubble tea. 😋

Experience the exciting popping sensation of our popping pearls, the chewy goodness of our tapioca pearls or a rainbow of colours from our rainbow jelly... this Must Try Toppings Bundle has got all the bases covered! 😍

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1.2kg Tapioca Pearls (40 serves)

Who needs a pot of gold when you can get a pot of bubblin' tapioca pearls! There's no such thing as never enough pearls... even when you've got 1.2kg worth of it! 😍

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