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Citrus, Cardamom & Peach Gin Tea

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$37.95 NZD
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$37.95 NZD
    • 175G Strawberry Popping Pearls
    • 175G Blueberry Popping Pearls
    • 175G Orange Popping Pearls
    • 10PK Green Tea Bags
    • 200ml Fructose
    • 400ml Fruit Syrup
    • 5 Straws
    • Recipe Card with Sandeep's Recipe
    • With a free Limited Edition XMAS drawstring bag valued at $12.95
With 200ML Patola Gin which you can purchase here.

"This drink celebrates one of the most legendary spices from India, Cardamom! Cardamom is traditionally used in India to enhance the flavours of tea and desserts. With this drink, I'm bringing that traditional experience to people, with a citrusy freshness! Enjoy Aussie Summer, with the flavours by me, your SPICE ANGEL!" - Sandeep

With a free Limited Edition XMAS Drawstring bag valued at $12.95

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