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You've either seen or heard about Butterfly Pea, but don't know exactly what it is or what the health benefits are. We've got the answers for you, let us introduce you to the beauty of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea!

BROWN SUGAR MILK TEA (aka black sugar milk tea 👑) was our 2020’s BEST SELLA and here's why people love it!

Let's revisit the year of 2020 and see how far we've come! We've highlighted our key milestones each month ever since us launching in this blog post, let's take a read and reflect together (especially since you've been part of the journey too!).

No matter if you’re new to the bubble tea world or if you’re already a connoisseur, we’re always questioning which bubble tea we should get. We’ve created a little one-stop guide to help you with all your bubble tea dilemmas!

You’ve heard about Bubble Tea Club but you’ve got some burning 🔥 questions about it before committing to the buy now button… how does it work? Does it taste as good as the bubble tea I purchase in-store? Is it worth the effort making?  Alright, alright! We’ve heard you! Let...

The bubble tea cravings kick in, but the bubble tea store you like to frequent is closed and your bank account is not looking too happy about your third boba purchase this week.  Say no more, we’ve gotchu! Here are some simple recipes to make the perfect cup of bubble...

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